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Watobo on BackTrack4-RC2


Recently BackTrack4-R2 has been released with lot of updates,but i was not able to find the Awesome tool Watobo which i have been using in lot of Web Application Security Assessment,So today we will know how to install this tool on Bt the below commands from the terminal

gem install rubgems-update -v 1.3.4
gem install hoe
gem install fxruby
install the firefox extension from here

Download the latest watobo version

cd watobo_0.9.5rev226
ruby start_watobo.rb

Done watobo is ready on BT4-RC2

WATOBO Web Application Toolbox

Today I was looking on good open source web application Assessment tools & came across this tool WATOBO,this is a graphical interface which runs on ruby, very impressive with less false positives which works in windows only.

The most important advantages are:

* WATOBO has Session Management capabilities! You can define login scripts as well as logout signatures. So you don’t have to login manually each time you get logged out.
* WATOBO can perform vulnerability checks out of the box.
* WATOBO supports Inline De-/Encoding, so you don’t have to copy strings to a transcoder and back again. Just do it inside the request/response window with a simple mouse click.
* WATOBO has smart filter functions, so you can find and navigate to the most interesting parts of the application easily.
* WATOBO is written in (FX)Ruby and enables you to define your own checks
* WATOBO is free software ( licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 2)

check the Project details here


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