WHat is NeXpose

NeXpose is Vulnerability Scanner which Identifyies vulnerabilities across networks, operating systems, databases, Web applications and a wide-range of system platforms through an integrated, intelligent scan engine, Rapid7 NeXpose prioritizes vulnerabilities using exploit risk scoring and asset criticality ratings. As a result, NeXpose customers benefit from lower risk exposure and remediation costs.

Below are the Steps to install NeXpose in BackTrack4-RC2

1)Update the BT4
apt-get update
apt-get upgrade

2)Below are few Packages which required to run NeXpose

[email protected]:~#apt-get install screen,libstdc++5,xvfb,xfonts-base,xfonts-75dpi,xserver-xorg,libxtst6,libxp6

3)now register and get the free Community Edition of NeXpose


4)u will get a mail regarding the License and Download instructions,in that download the below file

NeXpose for Linux – 32-bit ediiton

5)once u download go to the path and execute below command

chmod +x NeXposeSetup-Linux32.bin

./NeXposeSetup-Linux32.bin -console

next follow the instructions on the Screen it takes few minutes to configure and installing the scanner

6)once evry thing is done now using firefox use the below URL and login withe the given credentials


7)Once u login u will be asked to enter the License once done now you are ready to scan