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Complete Lock Picking Video Series by SchuylerTowne


The Best way to Learn Lock Picking is To Take a Guide from ,He is best in Lock Picking,recently he has Release 24 set of Videos to Learn Lock Picking Kudos to  for Great Videos.






IT Security and Hacking Knowledge base


A Great Site with the Latest Docs,Audios and Videos from Information Security and Hacking.

All lectures Videos of Ekoparty 2010


BLACK HAT USA 2010 Archieves


Blackhat USA 2010 is over now who ever didnt Arrived at Blackhat here is the Archives of PPT and Videos of all the Presentations.

Client Side Exploits videos


Client Side Exploits videos by Dean De Beer and Colin Ames

In penetration testing, the targets for exploitation aren’t always network services that are exposed through a firewall. When you need to find other ways in, your primary targets become the browser, office applications, audio and video players, and the user himself. Dean De Beer and Colin Ames are going to explain this attack methodology and how it’s different from what you’ve learned so far.

Exploitation Videos from Dino Dai Zovi


Found Interesting videos on Exploitation

Dino Dai Zovi’s Memory Corruption 101

Basic debugging for exploit development

Exploitation 102

Exploit mitigations, shellcoding, and Metasploit with Dino Dai Zovi.

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