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DotDotPwn v1.0 Directory Traversal Scanner tool


Tool Intro:

  1. Detects Directory traversal vulnerabilities on remote HTTP/FTP server systems.
  2. Currently, the traversal database holds 881 attack payloads. Use the -update flag to perform an online fresh update.
  3. DotDotPwn checks the presence of boot.ini on the vulnerable systems through Directory traversal vulnerabilities, so it’s assumed that the tested systems are
  4. Windows based HTTP/FTP servers.

How to use

It requires perl with HTTP module

[email protected]:/pentest/web# wget

[email protected]:/pentest/web#tar -xvf ddpwn.tar.gz

[email protected]:/pentest/web# perl -MCPAN -e ‘install HTTP::Lite’
[email protected]:/pentest/web# ./ -http

Project :

Microsoft Releases Advisory to fix LNK Vulnerability


Microsoft has been released a Complete Advisory to fix the LNK Vulnerability and a  Detailed Guide and Steps have been given to fix it.

so System administrators make sure u follow the below guide and secure from this threat.

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