Complete Lock Picking Video Series by SchuylerTowne


The Best way to Learn Lock Picking is To Take a Guide from ,He is best in Lock Picking,recently he has Release 24 set of Videos to Learn Lock Picking Kudos to  for Great Videos.






IT Security and Hacking Knowledge base


A Great Site with the Latest Docs,Audios and Videos from Information Security and Hacking.


Integrating Nikto with Nessus Video


Nice Video from Nessus on Integrating Nikto with Nessus Video


International CapsLockday


SHODAN Computer Search Engine



SHODAN is a search engine that lets you find specific computers (routers, servers, etc.) using a variety of filters. Some have also described it as a public port scan directory or a search engine of banners.


below are the few search which help in Information Gathering using the Shodan SearchEngine.

“debian” ssh port:22

“Joomla” http port:80

“microsoft” telnet port:23

apache country:in port:80 hostname:.com

server country:in port:80 hostname:.com

debian country:in port:80 hostname:.com

server country:in port:21 hostname:.com

“Joomla” http port:80 hostname:.com

IIS port:80 hostname:.com

IIS 5 port:80 hostname:.com

IIS 6 port:80 hostname:.com

IIS 4 port:80 hostname:.com

tomcat port:80 hostname:.com

phpmyadmin port:80 hostname:.com

“gigaset” server port:80

server port:21

“mysql” server port:80 hostname:.com

“sqlserver” server port:1433

“sql” server port:1433

Lockpicks by Open Locksport


Nominations for the Pwnie Awards 2010


Nominations have been over for the Pwnie Awards 2010 based on the  person who discovered the most technically sophisticated and interesting bug.


Ekoparty Security Conference September 16-17


The ekoparty held annually in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires where attendees, guests, and related specialists from around the world have the opportunity to engage with technological innovation, vulnerabilities and tools in a relaxed atmosphere and knowledge sharing.

Using Social Engineering Toolkit while Pentesting


When we do an Internal PT few of the times we see all the systems,servers are patched, then there will be such a hard time that we cant find any vulenerabilities to exploit ,This makes the work harder to exploit the network ,then it comes the old Way “Social Engineering” ,

Social Engineering toolkit is a Special toolkit that can be used in PT to take advantage of Human Vulnerabilities.

We will be creating fake website which runs malicious java applet code,the vulnerable malicious java applet code link will be mailed to the Users  so that once they open and execute the link we will get an shell on the remote user system.All the tasks was done on backtrack 4 Final default SET is Installed

Project page http://www.social-engineer.org/

Chkout my Video for the above Steps.

Metasploit MeterpreterClient wiki


Detailed metasploit meterpreter core commands

kudos for bond for sharing this link


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