Complete Lock Picking Video Series by SchuylerTowne


The Best way to Learn Lock Picking is To Take a Guide from ,He is best in Lock Picking,recently he has Release 24 set of Videos to Learn Lock Picking Kudos to  for Great Videos.






IT Security and Hacking Knowledge base


A Great Site with the Latest Docs,Audios and Videos from Information Security and Hacking.


BackTrack 5 R1 released






BackTrack guys have Released a Updated Version of BackTrack 5 with Lot of new Tools and Updates.for more Information check out the Below Link.


BackTrack 5 R1 Release on 10th August,2011





BackTrack guys are back again with awesome updates to BackTrack 5 and will be released at the  blackhat event .Further details check here


Metasploit: A Penetration Tester’s Guide Book Comming Soon



Metasploit: A Penetration Tester’s Guide will teach you how to:

  • Find and exploit unmaintained, misconfigured, and unpatched systems
  • Perform reconnaissance and find valuable information about your target
  • Bypass anti-virus technologies and circumvent security controls
  • Integrate Nmap, NeXpose, and Nessus with Metasploit to automate discovery
  • Use the Meterpreter shell to launch further attacks from inside the network
  • Harness standalone Metasploit utilities, third-party tools, and plug-ins
  • Learn how to write your own Meterpreter post exploitation modules and scripts

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Weaponizing Your Nokia N900 Mobile



Here is the list of Tools and Guides to Weaponizing ur Nokia n900 beast.

  1. Weaponizing the Nokia N900 – Part 1…00-Part-1.html

2. Weaponizing the Nokia N900 – Part 2…00-Part-2.html

3. Weaponizing the Nokia N900 – Part 3…00-Part-3.html

4. Weaponizing the Nokia N900 – Part 3.5

5. Weaponizing the Nokia N900 – Part 3.6 – Portable Rogue AP Point

6. Weaponizing the Nokia N900 – Part 3.7 – More goodness and packet injection!

7. Weaponizing the Nokia N900 – Part 3.8 – Backtrack 5 on N900


BackTrack 5 On Mobile and Smart Phones



BackTrack Guys has Released a arm version of BackTrack 5 for smartphones i would like to make this thread to share all the Tutorials ,Guides and Links .

BackTrack 5 On Nokia N900

BackTrack 5 On Motorola Zoom…vncserver.html

BackTrack 5 on Sony Experia….php?t=1074169

BackTrack 5 on Samsung Galaxy S…captivate.html

BackTrack 5 on Droid Incredible

BackTrack 5 ARM (with GUI via TightVNCServer)


BackTrack 5 Released




The BackTrack Dev team has worked furiously in the past months on BackTrack 5, code name “revolution”. Today, we are proud to release our work to the public, and then rest for a couple of weeks.

This new revision has been built from scratch, and boasts several major improvements over all our previous releases.…rack-5-release

Direct Downloads


Backtrack 5 Teaser Trailer Video Preview


Guys Check out the Backtrack 5 Trailer IT rocks


Installation, Injection and Mitigation the Stuxnet Worm


A Complete Video on Installation, Injection and Mitigation the Stuxnet Worm by Joel Langill

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